A deep dive in sustainable fishery!

Explore the journey of fish from sea to shelf with honest displays and curated souvenirs, within a fully operational fish factory!

A unique experience

The whole tour was so informative and educational on their ethos, sustainability and history. Absolutely nothing is wasted, their traditional methods of preserving fish and marketing all over the world are fascinating. Their fishing methods help to maintain and grow healthy fish stocks in their waters. ” – Very good value for money and well worth a visit


World’s first wildfish visitor centre

What we do

For visitors from all over the world, we want to create an iconic and interactive experience introducing the wild fish industry, its ties to coastal-Norway and sustainability.

We believe that fish is life, in fact nobody would live in Nordkapp without it. It has kept us fed and never hungry, despite poverty and hardship. It is a sustainable resource packed with nutrients, that if managed properly can be harvested for generations to come.

With an increase in export and international food shortages there’s pressure on us to protect this potentially everlasting resource, not just for ourselves but for everyone.

So inspired by our diverse and stubborn ancestry before us, and how they endured the hardships of Nordkapp because of the fish. We now want to invite visitors into our industry and share our knowledge, so that we can build towards a sustainable future together

Why Choose Us?


Safety and

Visit a working fish factory with moving trucks & heavy machinery without ever being at danger thanks to our architectural layout. With thick concrete walls and fireproof glass the visitor centre is also protected from the elements, so we can offer an extraordinary experience no matter the weather.


Authenticity and

Trust us when we say there’s no other place like this. As a matter of fact we are the first and only wildfish visitor centre in Norway! We strive to show the authentic side of the industry and offer full transparancy.

And that’s a promise!


Guest involvement
& interactivity

This is no ordinary run of the mill museum. With experience design as the framework for our visitor centre, we attempt to create an uforgettable activity involving all the 5 senses and challenging our visitors mind.

Touch, see, hear, smell & taste.