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A visitor centre, within a fish factory, within a community.
Located on top of the world

Who we are

Bruket – Fish factory is just what it says, a proper fish factory. Our legal name is Nordvågen AS, but our workers and the locals just calls us Bruket, so that’s what we named our visitor centre. We’re a part of the Norfra group and exported over 70.000.000 sustainable meals in 2022.

Our Vision

For visitors from all over the world, we want to create an iconic and interactive experience introducing the wild fish industry, its ties to coastal-Norway and sustainability.

We want this experience to be so good and meaningful that when you leave Bruket, you are already an ambassador of our cause and purpose.

Our Values

The people of Bruket

Bruket’s vison and values aren’t built on strategies and goals; it’s shaped by our workers, whose collective efforts, backgrounds, and cultures form the very core of our organization. Each employee at Bruket brings a unique perspective that enriches its values and identity, transforming the workplace into a dynamic, diverse and strong community.

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