To help you plan your visit we have gathered all the information you might need before you book here.

We have designed our visitor centre after universal use principles and include multi-sensory experiences, however there are some limitations!

Wheelchair access

Our visitor centre is built for wheelchair access. We have a stairfree entrance, fully sized WC toilet, and our exhibits are viewable from low heights as well. To access our glass mesanin overlooking the factory floor you will need to climb a small set of stairs, please let us know beforehand so we can prepare a ramp for you.

Hard of hearing

When designing our visitor centre and the activities within it we try to include all senses to amplify the experience, but none of our exhibits rely on sound. Our videos use captions, and all exhibits contain visual aids or written information. We do not have any accessibility tools for hearing aids etc.

Low vision / Blind

As stated above we try to include all senses in our experience design, so we truly believe that sound, touch, taste, and smell will provide you with a great experience and insight into the wildfish industry, if paired with proper guiding. Therefor please notify us beforhand so we can arrange with a guide for you.

Our visitor centre has a clear walking path structure and few obstacles, but we do not offer braille.


During your visit you will be offered samples of dried fish or caviar on bread which contain allergens, we do not offer any substitutes or alternatives.

Both indoor and outdoor air quality can trigger allergies, especially via airborne particles. As our visitor centre is located within a fish factory and share the same ventilation system we do not reccomend to visit us if you have severe fish or seafood allergies. Please consult your doctor/physician if you are unsure.

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